The members at TIC ratified at 2-year agreement adding $1.25 to each new 24-month step scale (employees will be moved commensurate with their seniority on the scale; employees beyond the 2-year step will also receive an additional raise of $1.25 or 5% whichever is greater).  TIC has agreed to a wage reopener in February 2024.

Members who have 4 years or less seniority with receive a $750 signing bonus, 5-9 years seniority will receive a $1,000 signing bonus, and members with 10+ years of seniority will receive a $1,250 signing bonus.

Joint Labor Management Meetings (JLMM) will resume on April 3rd where several issues will be worked on like the TECHNOLOGY issues!  Please let us (or Chief Steward Tori Centilli) know if you’re interested in participating in the JLMM.

Other highlights include:

  1. Phone coverage:  one hour off the phones three days/week to assist in catching up on work.
  2. Flexibility in use of bereavement days:  four days off within thirty days and one day off within six months (three days paid).
  3. Schedule flexibility (make-up time): employees may (with supervisors’ permission) flex 2 hours/week without documentation. Time must be made up within the same week.
  4. Call-ins:  employees only need to call-in once if out for a known period (i.e., Covid or surgery). Various communications for absence will be acceptable.